I am KONG DERICK NJIKEH, I am interested in putting up theories through observations (Observational Research), and also much concentrated in my field of study having as goal to be at the top of medical practice.




Electromagnetic Wave and Gaseous Communication between Individuals

Published in: Neuroscience & Medicine

The brain produces an electromagnetic wave throughout the day and the strength of this wave depends on the activity of the brain. It is said that this wave is a weak wave which does not cover a greater distance. But I do believe that it is like the radio wave in the distance it covers and frequency it possesses. I do believe that there is a communication between individuals through electromagnetic wave (brain wave) and a gas (Nitric Oxide) produced by the brain. This can be observed in our daily experiences. This can also help us understand that as a computer can receive and record the brain waves, so an individual can also receive and integrate these waves and it is being decoded to release the message it contains. In this respect, it can be said that the state of consciousness in an individual can be understood by another through concentration.

The Mentally Offset Human and the Society

Published in: Open Journal of Psychiatry

A human being is a complex type of creature whose existence depends on three components; the spirit, the soul and the body which interact in a reversible manner. I do believe that there comes a time when there is lack of a reversible interaction between the soul and the spirit in certain individuals which leads to a state of mental offset. For humans to live in sociality the world is governed by humans’ laws but the mentally offset human do not live according to these laws. Due to this, they are considered as being useless in the society but I do believe that they have complete natural human rights and are not useless for they are aware of each act they perform. It is observed that the mentally offset human hardly acquire a disease from natural origin, I do believe that due to this lack of a reversible interaction between the soul and the spirit, the immune system is reprogrammed such that there is a lack of recognition of exogenous and endogenous pathological substances and there is no means of interaction between these substances and the body cells.

Derician Trialism: The Concept of Human Composition into the Mind, Submind and Body Substances/Components

Published by: International Journal of Philosophy


Philosophy of Mind


Trialism is a term that is been used in Christian Theology, which is the doctrine that human is made up of three components which are; the Spirit, the Soul and the Body, giving rise to what is known as Christain Trialism. The term trialism was introduced in philosophy by John Cottingham as an alternative interpretation of the Cartesian Dualism (Mind-Body dualism) of Rene Descarte, by adding a third substance called Sensation in what he termed as Cartesian Trialism (Mind-Sensation-Body trialism). Going in line with the trialism nature of human by Cottingham, I think that the third substance Sensation is limited in explaining the processes between the Mind and the Body. So, I think that the substance Sensation should be replaced with the substance which I call “Submind” which is involved with the processes of memories, sensations, emotions and reflexes, which lead to what I term “Derician Trialism” (Mind-Submind-Body trialism). I believe that the mind is involved with high level consciousness, the Submind is involved with low level consciousness and the body has no consciousness.

Development of Feet Edema on Contact with a Cemented Floor in Specific Individuals with Genetic Predisposition

Published in: Open Journal of Blood Diseases

Edema is a sign/symptom which has origin diverse causes and mechanisms of installations. I do
believe that it can be classified into appendicular and axial edemas with reference to the body division rather than the present classification of peripheral edema and other edemas. Edema being a
sign/symptom as an entity does cause other signs and symptoms in the body. From observations, I
do believe that a cemented floor causes the development of feet edema in specific individuals with
genetic predisposition. This can be confirmed by the fact that when these persons place their feet
on somewhere else rather than the floor, they do not develop an edema.

Human Existence

Published by: LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing

The main objective of this book is bringing out ideas to put up a unified field of theology and science which can be called “Theo-science” (meaning practicing faith and proving events). Most people believe that theology and science contradict each other but instead, I can say that they complete each other. For theology works with faith and science works with proof which are all necessary for human to attain his purpose in this physical world which is, understanding creation. The specific objectives of this book is bringing out ideas to answer the questions on; the origin of human, the evolution of human and the interaction of human and the environment.

Human Existence and the Universe

Published by: Kindle Direct Publishing


This book is an in-depth continuation of the author’s first book entitled “Human Existence”. It talks about the synergistic nature of theology and science, the purpose of human existence in this universe and some processes occurring in the universe. Specifically, it brings out ideas on the origin of human and his composition, the evolution of human and the interaction of human with the environment. Also, it brings out ideas about who a genius is and the origin of his ability, the interaction between a genius and the educational system and the process of socialization in a genius. It also talks about the origin of the universe, the concept of time, the process of time traveling and time distortion by human and the origin of gravity; a modification of Einstein theory of general relativity and the origin of weightlessness and how it can be overcome.